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Online Review Reminders® - Now Available!

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Do you want to automate your self-storage business and spend no additional money on software?  Then the Storage Collections messaging solutions are the answer.  Signing up with Storage Collections will immediately improve your self-storage business in the following areas, and in most cases cost less than $30 per month, per site!


  • Improve cash flow

  • Increase occupancy

  • Increase SEO

  • Decrease receivables

  • Decrease lien sales

  • Enable your managers to be more efficient


Call Todd Sheffer at 855-722-7366, ext. #1 for a personalized and real-time demonstration.  Learn firsthand how REITs, regional operators, top third-party management firms, and single facility owners successfully use our automated and fully integrated messaging solutions

Our Services

Storage Collection Online Review Reminde


Want more online reviews for better SEO and page placement?  Then automate your review reminders with Storage Collections Online Review Reminders®. We offer fully automated SMS messaging to increase your online reviews.

NEW for 2020! - Fully automate your post-move-in requests for social media reviews. 


With our Online Review Reminders®, we will automatically send one or a series of SMS messages asking your new tenants to rate their experience with your brand.  No longer will you rely only on your managers asking at lease signing, or manually texting or emailing them after the fact.  Storage Collections in conjunction with our Reservation Reminders will now automatically text your tenants the day after their move-in and we will update your tenant notes acknowledging this request.

Are you using a third-party reputation management firm today?  Perfect as we are happy to integrate our messaging with their online reporting.


Online Review Reminider


Want more tenants?  Automate your reservation welcome messages and move-in reminders with Storage Reservation Reminders® for SiteLink. We offer fully automated voice and SMS messaging to convert inquiries, leads, and reservations to tenants.

Fully automate your reservations and move-in reminders with the Storage Collections text and voice messaging solutions.


With Storage Collections Reservation Reminders®, we will automatically send one or a series of SMS or voice messages to ensuring your new tenants move-in on their scheduled date.  Our fully automated Reservation Reminders® enhance your manager's follow-ups and guarantee a higher reservation to move-in conversion rate versus your current manual method.

Combine Storage Collections Reservation Reminders®, with our Online Review Reminders to add greater brand recognition and loyalty to your current and prospective tenants.


Storage Collection Online Review Reminde
Reservation Reminder


Stop wasting precious hours manually calling and sending text messages to past-due tenants, automate the process and start saving time and money by enabling Storage Collections.


NEW for 2021! - Fully automated post-move-in welcome messages.


Post-Move-In Reminders® allows you to automatically send new tenant welcome text messages. Let your new tenants know when rents are due, how to contact your store manager, and so much more.

Post Mov In Reminder
Payment Reminder


Are you an international operator?  No worries!  Storage Collections easily support your needs today with our SMS and voice messaging solutions.  Want to discuss your specific needs and requirements?  Email us at and schedule a one-on-one discussion.


Storage Collections is currently available to all users of SiteLink Web Edition, Yardi Store 4.0, and Storage Commander.


Contact us today for a personalized online or in-person demo by calling 855-722-7366 ext. #1 or email


How it Works
  • From the “Reminders” section within SiteLink’s software, the site manager will select and run  the “Storage Collections” task to produce the daily listing of past due tenants.

  • All past due tenants that meet your operator-specific criteria are displayed and the site manager may manually select any or all tenants for processing.  By clicking on the “Process” button, your selected tenants are sent to the Storage Collections system for message delivery.   All processed tenants begin receiving past due reminder calls and/or text messages.

  • As each voice or text message delivery completes, the Storage Collection system automatically begins updating the tenant notes with the delivery results in an easy to understand format, “2/21/2014 9:57 AM    AA: Note - AutoText: Success 703-623-8499 @2/21/2014 9:56 AM EST.”

  • On a daily basis, the Storage Collections system automatically updates the site’s Bulletin Board with a list of the prior days “suspect” or non-working numbers so that the site manager is aware and can locate or notify the tenant by some other means

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Storage Collections

Storage Collections is committed to help self storage operators STOP spending so much time making collections calls and SAVE them time and money by automating the tenant past due notification process. Since calling late-payers is time consuming, make your effort to collect what you are owed as efficient and effective as possible. Storage Collections will ease your pain and improve your business process.


Storage Collections is a leader in mass messaging communications with more than 20 years of industry experience. Our innovative web-based messaging technology provides our clients a stress free communications process to reach their past due tenants and further automate the payment process. Storage Collections is committed to providing exceptional customer care and unmatched quality control. Storage Collections dedicated staff will help you every step of the way.

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