Automation Isn’t Only For Big Business

One of the greatest keys to a successfully-run business involves proper management of our most precious and scarce resource — time. The earlier shift from paper-based to electronic-based systems gave way to new, streamlined systems where data and information are shared and stored easily. Now priorities have moved from storing and finding data to managing the influx of data, collaborating effectively, prioritizing time spent on projects, and as a result, maximizing efficiency. This, in turn, keeps costs down and helps facilitate future growth.

Automation Isn’t Only For Big Business

In order for your self-storage company to automate manual processes, you no longer have to worry about implementing expensive business process automation tools. Look for inexpensive solutions incorporating your self-storage management software. Affordable tenant notification automation solutions, like Storage Collections, that integrate with your management software are very beneficial for the single-store operator, where efficient time management is essential.

Why Automate Past Due Notifications?

Savings, Service, Sanity.


Saving time and money is a top priority for any business owner. Okay, clearly bottom-line profit is the top priority; however, the proper use of time and money is key to achieving higher profits. Automating past due tenant reminders takes minutes. A far cry from the hours a site manager spends manually making the calls. Time saved equates to money saved.


The customer experience is your customers’ perceptions – both conscious and subconscious – of their relationship with you resulting from all their interactions during the customer life cycle. Automating past due tenant notifications allows the site manager to maintain a positive customer experience. The stress and discomfort for a site manager having to make those dreaded calls is alleviated and the customer is not embarrassed by receiving the call. Relationship intact!


I suppose can be a relative term. You may have heard the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” Integrating a simple solution of automated past due reminders have not been officially tested on husbands, but feedback from site managers has been a collective sigh of relief. It’s a smart move, considering 87% of customers (not wives) think vendors need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience. The ease-of-use of an automated solution helps provide that seamless experience for site managers, customers and owners. It’s that Ah-Ha moment when you know you hit pay dirt by a simple proactive decision in your day.

Join us for our Benefits of Affordable, Automated Past Due Reminders webinar as we discuss how to utilize a service that offers both automated calls and text messages for past-due notifications that will not only improve your collection activities and increase online payments, but also improve labor efficiency.

Webinar Topics Include

  • Improving your cash flow, lower delinquencies and increase occupancy.

  • Delivering a consistent, positive customer experience.

  • Regaining valuable hours spent monthly on manual and redundant “chores.”

  • Taking advantage of technology embedded in self-storage management software, no matter the size of your business.

  • Implementing an integrated, automated past-due notification system: Storage Collections.

Sign up now, don’t delay. Our informative and interactive webinar titled, “Benefits of Affordable, Automated Past Due Reminders” will be held at 2:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.

Register for the interactive webinar to learn more about automated tenant notifications.

Register Now

How much time does your business spend each month making past due calls?

Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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The Storage Collection webinar sponsored by SiteLink was held November 18.


Our informative webinar titled “Benefits of Affordable, Automated Past Due Reminders” was held at 2:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.


Please click here for a replay.



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